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The Depths Ebony feathers, the wings beat, they are thunderclaps A twisted, jagged ruby coloured horn A black devil diamond is on the very point The rolling eyes, the heaving flanks Satan rides astride, yanking the reins Tearing the black alicornís mouth A whinny of pain and fear resounds Echoing all around The Mystery She plunges, and crystal green water shatters into a million droplets. They fly high in the air, and cascade down on her. Her red tail flicks, and she dives to the seabed. The spangling green seaweed entangles her sunkissed, wavy blonde hair. She does not struggle, but calmly frees herself, and swims away. There is a crown of pearls knotted to her hair, and around her neck, on a chain of tiny bubbles, is a diamond pendant, dropped overboard by a sailor, found by her. She returns to the surface, and suns herself on a rock, combing her hair with a jagged shell, admiring herself in the waterís reflection. A boat is approaching. The mermaid lures them with her irresistible singing, and one by one they fall to their deaths. The Faeries A tiny girl in pink satin, with rose coloured wings, spattered with glitter, flits about, in the evening light, spreading magic everywhere. She has spun gold hair, and butterfly wings. Her crystal blue eyes look deep into your soul, and her rosebud lips curve in a smile, she has a secret. A wreath of yellow primroses crowns her head, and she dangles her slim brown legs in the inky black water of the stream. Her pink ruffled gossamer dress is tied with a darker pink silk sash around her slender waist. Everywhere she flies, a trail of gold and silver faerie dust follows, slowly drifting down to the ground, turning everything it touches to roses. Her best friend, the water faerie, dressed in a blue satin dress with a pale green sash, spreads gold and silver faerie dust too, but everything it touches turns to pools of sparkling water, with lilies and blue bells floating on the surface. The water faerie has a crown of those flowers. She has curly jet black hair half way down her back, and mysterious black eyes, and snow white skin. Another faerie appears from the trees floating by the head of a wolf. This is the animal faerie, the saint Francis of the faerie world. She has long black hair too, but tied in many tiny plaits, each fastened with a pearl. She can speak to the animals, and her faerie dust turns things into white deer, rabbits and flying horses.