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My Awards Page!!! :)

Here are my awards I have made. There are quite a few! But don't just take them, you must earn them! Choose an award, and fill out the form below.

The first award is for a general homepage, it can be about anything you like, that I think has had a lot of hard work put in to it, and that looks great.

The second award is for an excellent Faerie page, it must have info and preferably pictures of faeries.

The third award is for a Mythology page, any kind of Mythology is acceptable eg. Unicorns to Gremlins to Homer's Oddessy, that I think is great.

The fourth award is for a friend that you think has been great, stood by you when you needed them, arranged a surprise for you, helped you in some way, anything. When applying for this award, tell me the friends name, and why you think they deserve it under Other Comments below.

The fifth award is for an outstanding homepage, thats sets it apart from the rest. It ought to in some way promote peace, love and happiness, perhaps the homepage is dedicated to a loved one, friend or relative, or pet.

The final award, the sixth, is for a pet you love, perhaps passed away, or living on. Again, tell me the name of the pet and why it deserves the award, in the Other Comments box below.

Fill out the form!!!

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