Auction For Cyberpets!

OK, heres the score. You've got loads of cyberpets, but you don't want them anymore. You want to swop them, but you can't find anyone who is willing. Well now all the potential swoppers have been gathered together here, and you can swop in cyberpet heaven. Firstly, write in the message board below that you want to swop for instance a unicorn cyberpet for 2 cat cyberpets. You wait until someone replies that they have 2 cat cyberpets. You then email them saying whether or not you want to swap. If you do, you email each other the pets as attatchment. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR SIDE OF THE BARGAIN! Do not keep the pet they sent and not send them yours. If you see a cyberpet already on the board that you want, then reply to the message leaving your details. Happy Swopping!

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