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These are my cyber guinea pigs, and they run around a eat loads. They don't do much else, but are very cute, don't ya think? I got these from Kelly's Guinea Pig adoption agency, then animated them a bit using some cool programs availble from net sites called GIF Construction Set and Paint Shop Pro v.4. They are great programs. Please visit my other sites, links below. This site is permanantly under construction, and I hope to add some more stuff soon like a flying cat and rabbit adoption agency, a guestbook, and although I am rather busy right now, in the future I will answer requests for custom made graphics, by me. Just email me telling me the sort of animal, thing etc you want, and will make it for you. My email is

My Snazzy List of Links

Kelly's Guinea Pig Adoption Agency: This is where you can adopt guinea pigs too!
Louisa's Unicorn and Pegasus Site: Go here to adopt beautiful endangered unicorns and pegasuses, some animated, and others painted in oils.
Ebony, Sally, Carol and Vanilla Fudges site: My cats have their own website with big piccy's of them on it.

Guinea pig lovers have trekked this site times.